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ECOsystems or EGOsystems of Education?

  To say that schools are changing right now is a gross understatement. Between technological, social and cultural transformations happening right now across the U.S., there are new trends becoming apparent everywhere, schools included. This paper puts the massive changes happening throughout the education system into context to help readers understand what’s happening, and why […]

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New Training Opportunities

Has your nonprofit received a grant to engage youth? Does your local conference need a keynote speaker? Do the staff in your agency need professional development? Contact me today to talk about what The Freechild Project can do for you!

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A Renewed SoundOut Program

Challenging Student Voice Recently I was discussing the latest developments happening in the mainstream education conversation today. Student voice is bubbling up more and more frequently across the radar, with folks ranging from curriculum writers to test makers talking about it. Of course, educators continue to share their thoughts on social media, along with students […]

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Ending Schools is Not an Option – Yet

Over the years, I have often talked with people who wanted to end all schools everywhere. Framed as the great oppressors by these folks, schools are demonized for standardizing education, assessing learning, stifling expression and suffocating creativity. I agree with many of those arguments, and I think I understand why people make them. However, I […]

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Every Resource I’ve Made for Schools

Are you a student, a K-12 educator, education administrator, school advocate, concerned parent, a nonprofit partner, or somebody else in the community who is concerned about schools? Following is a list of resources I’ve created focused on schools. Let me know what you think in the comments section below!   My Resources On Student Voice […]

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Youth-Adult Relationship Spectrum

  I have seen three primary ways adults relate to youth, no matter whether the relationship is parenting, teaching, or policing. The first way is over-permissiveness; the second is responsible; and over-restrictive. Before I explain these, its important to remind you that I’m an adult and these are my opinions; a young person and other […]

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Adults Abdicating Responsibility

A lot of people have shared with me their challenge with Meaningful Student Involvement. As a matter of fact, I have spent more than a decade hearing it. There are many different ways people perceive my proposal that all students everywhere can partner with all adults throughout every location in education all of the time. […]

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Students Have To Fix Schools

We hear it all the time: American schools are terrible and only getting worse. For more than 25 years, the country has been massaging the egos of educators, administrators, and politicians who think they know what’s best for young people and our country. Bill Gates and countless rich people have tried throwing money at solutions […]

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What We Can Learn From Failing Schools

Upon hearing the phrase, “failing schools,” we conjure up the images from the media: Crumbling ceilings, stacks of decrepit old books, and growling, ancient teachers. We see slouching, apathetic students who are hand-tied by their own intransigence, and indifferent parents who are incapable of managing their children. While those things exist and are accurate for […]

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New Guide to Student Voice Coming Soon!

Coming Soon! The Guide to Student Voice, 2nd Edition by Adam Fletcher, founder of Coming May 2014!