What We Can Learn From Failing Schools

Upon hearing the phrase, “failing schools,” we conjure up the images from the media: Crumbling ceilings, stacks of decrepit old books, and growling, ancient teachers. We see slouching, apathetic students who are hand-tied by their own intransigence, and indifferent parents who are incapable of managing their children. While those things exist and are accurate forContinue reading “What We Can Learn From Failing Schools”

Student Voice and Student Activism

One of the main researchers of student voice in the world today is Dana Mitra. Based out of Penn State, she’s done awesome work over the last 15+ years focused on students changing schools, and more. I really admire her writing, her commitment, and the breadth of her studies. She’s taught me a lot. Today,Continue reading “Student Voice and Student Activism”