The CommonAction Principles of Learning

“I do not teach anyone, I only provide the environment in which they can learn.”  — Albert Einstein At CommonAction Consulting, we strive to create learning environments in all of our knowledge and skill-building activities. Over the last year we have facilitated learning for more than 4,500 children, youth, and adults in a variety of settingsContinue reading “The CommonAction Principles of Learning”

Machiavellian Student Voice

“It is necessary for the prince to have the friendship of the people; otherwise, he has no resources in time of adversity.” – Machiavelli in The Prince Picket signs held high into the glimmering sunshine shouted, “Fair pay, fewer hours!” and “Teachers work for YOUR kids!” Lined up in rows, the protesters chanted, “Our voice, ourContinue reading “Machiavellian Student Voice”