Engaging Students with the Right Apps

These are apps and websites students choose to use on their own. Shouldn’t you use them too? If your district doesn’t allow one, look at the next one—there are 20 listed here. Remember, this is tech students currently use that can be used to build student engagement online, right now. If you have other tech to add to this list, please share them in the comments below!

Student Engagement Through Meaningful Student Involvement

Student engagement happens when students choose to do the same things everyday on their own. Despite everything we try, teacher facilitators can’t force students to be engaged! Instead, its their own motivation, emotions, ideas and actions that get them onboard and keep them invested.

Adults Matter A Lot

Adults Matter A Lot You’ve seen the sage on the stage before, standing proud and tall above an audience going on about some important subject as the expert, the official and the leader. Some teachers approach their classrooms this way, telling students what and how to think, where to look and what to do. I’veContinue reading “Adults Matter A Lot”