Engaging Students with the Right Apps

These are apps and websites students choose to use on their own. Shouldn’t you use them too? If your district doesn’t allow one, look at the next one—there are 20 listed here. Remember, this is tech students currently use that can be used to build student engagement online, right now. If you have other tech to add to this list, please share them in the comments below!

#StudentVoice is NOT the Same as #EdTech

Technology in education is not student voice. Using tech in schools is not student voice. In no way, shape or form does student voice require tech. When it comes to student voice, BYOD, 1:1, tablets, smartphones, labs, carts, texting, social media are OPTIONS, not requirements. There’s a myth being sold by some ed tech companies today that using their specific kind of tech,Continue reading “#StudentVoice is NOT the Same as #EdTech”

Adam Fletcher on Social Media

Here are some of the social media channels Adam Fletcher operates! The Freechild Project—Connecting young people and social change. Website – freechild.org Facebook – facebook.com/freechildproject SoundOut—Promoting Meaningful Student Involvement in school change. Website – soundout.org Facebook – facebook.com/soundout Twitter – twitter.com/soundout Adam Fletcher—Youth engagement consultant, speaker and writer Website – adamfletcher.net Facebook – facebook.com/AdamFCFletcher Twitter – twitter.com/bicyclingfishContinue reading “Adam Fletcher on Social Media”