Binary Youth Engagement

Binary thinking is based in the belief that reality is based in either/or truths. We’re convinced in believing that it’s one way or the other, up or down, left or right. This thinking is damaging to young people today in many ways, including Youth Engagement at home, in schools and throughout communities. Binary thinking leads studentsContinue reading “Binary Youth Engagement”

There Is No ONE Youth

There is no ONE youth. Adults constantly talk about youth as if they’re one person that acts one way and faces one reality. In truth, there are millions of young people acting millions of ways and facing millions of realities, right now. The Myth of One Youth Adults routinely address all youth as one youth.Continue reading “There Is No ONE Youth”

Voices of the Damned Youth

We should never give up on any young person, or any person as far as that’s concerned. There is nobody – absolutely nobody – in our society who is too far gone to simply relinquish them to the trash can of society. Especially children and youth. In reality though, many young people are born intoContinue reading “Voices of the Damned Youth”