The Heart of Community Partnerships

One of the main issues I have become aware of through my work in democracy building is community partnerships. How many times have I heard people say community partnerships are the hardest part of their work, or that working with (insert) kids/youth/parents/grandparents/families/communities/community groups is almost impossible. I have learned that getting to the heart ofContinue reading “The Heart of Community Partnerships”

Slide or Fall?

I’m sitting in a coffee shop here in my city of Olympia, Washington. Olympia is a small capital city, populated by state government workers, students from The Evergreen State College, and the various dwellers who rely on serving those populations. There’s a sizable homeless population here owing to the temperate climate, and there’s the childrenContinue reading “Slide or Fall?”

What Adam Fletcher Believes

As more attention is put on me and my work, I find an increasing number of people assigning me their interpretations of my beliefs. While I’ve shared my assumptions before, and I’ve talked my what the future will look like, I haven’t, to this date, shared a statement of beliefs that drive my work, theory,Continue reading “What Adam Fletcher Believes”