Notes on Youth Forums

Here’s my answer to an email I received today. In our town this spring there will be three public issues forums/town hall meetings and we want to include youth voice. Two forums are on youth and alcohol and the third is on public education. In your experience, does it make sense to include youth inContinue reading “Notes on Youth Forums”

Enough Rope To…

What does it mean when youth voice programs send young people into situations where we know there are hostile adults or complex problems that need preparations that young people don’t have? Recently a close friend told me about a situation where her brother had the opportunity to speak in front of the city council aboutContinue reading “Enough Rope To…”

Why I Love the CRC

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child is the most popularly accepted legal instrument affecting youth voice and involvement in the world today. Two countries haven’t ratified it: Somalia and the United States. Great company. Of course, the Campaign for US Ratification‘s model of youth involvement is poor itself, so there isContinue reading “Why I Love the CRC”