What’s In The Future? Full Personhood for All

Adam’s Note: In 2013, Roger Holdsworth asked me to write a piece about the future of schools for his journal in Australia called Connect: Supporting Student Participation. This is what I submitted. The sun is rising on schools around the world as student voice moves from being passive and coincidental to taking the forefront inContinue reading “What’s In The Future? Full Personhood for All”

New! Guide to Cooperative Games for Social Change, 2nd Edition

The second edition of the This is the cover to the Guide to Cooperative Games for Social Change is a short publication packed with fun, interactive and learning activities to use with all kinds of groups, including youth, adults, and more!

10 Steps to Planning Programs With Youth

Planning youth programs for children and youth is tricky. Stuck without enough time to plan or strict guidelines for curriculum delivery, youth program workers can feel powerless over what they do with the young people they serve. In my own experience working in the field for more than a decade, I had this experience continually.Continue reading “10 Steps to Planning Programs With Youth”