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Youth Work Career Challenge

Working in a challenging profession doesn’t have to be impossible. Here I reflect on ways my career as a youth worker challenges me and others who share this pathway.

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Bastardizing Youth Voice

When considering youth as allies to educators, adults may be tempted to act as translators for youth voice. Concerned that youth are not capable of speaking “adult-ese”, well-meaning program staff, nonprofit administrators, researchers, government staff, youth advocates and teachers reword the ideas of youth, interpret them, or otherwise differentiate between what youth actually said and what adults believe they meant. […]

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Supporting Adult Allies of Youth

The other week I heard from Jose*, an innercity high school teacher. He wrote this: For seven years I taught in a pleasant rural school where students were receptive to me and how I teach. I engage students, and work very hard to get them working authentically on projects that matter, empowering them in my classroom and […]

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23 Phrases to Encourage Youth Voice

  After working directly with youth for more than two decades, its easy for me to admit that I’ve said some poor things to youth. Either on purpose or by accident, I have said things that made young people feel hurt, confused, or angry. Anyone who works with youth—teachers, social workers, or program leaders—is going to […]