Comsonautic Love

Incomplete overtures, whistfully played but rarely heard, left my heart for you
Songs best left unsung found tunes, and poetry found phrasing for you
A million missions to the farthest reaches of the galaxy left me for you
Unrealized, these are merely gestures
Handily shared with the universe, today
unfriendly and forevermore lonely
I am a cosmonaut in an outpost
Northeastern Siberia isn’t such a bad place
Memories of bears terrorize my days
So I stare into the starful night
Imagining your gaze, that simple time when
My penmanship found purpose
Imagery found audience
Flow – I found flow
I wonder what the cosmonauts would think about
If you didn’t come around anymore

Published by Adam

Adam F. C. Fletcher helps organizations engage people more successfully. Contact him by calling (360) 489-9680 or emailing

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