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Adam Fletcher offers highly engaging, hands-on and practical distance learning workshops for people of all ages. Adam’s online participants include youth, youth workers, nonprofit directors, government staff, elected officials, parents, counselors, education leaders and others. Adam facilitates ONLINE for your program, organization, community or event with workshops, training, classes and more.

All of his workshops are…

  • Customizable for your organization or conference
  • Exciting, educational, and engaging
  • Synchronous and interactive, using video, chat and other tech
  • 60- to 90-minutes long

Following are details about Adam Fletcher’s online workshops. For details including costs and availability, contact Adam.

Workshop 1. Youth Voice at Home

Participants in this workshop explore the dynamics of supporting youth where they are now, at home and with their families all of the time. Its based on Adam’s article of the same name.

Workshop 2. Youth Voice on the Internet

Left to their own devices, young people can become full time attendants to their online lives – and there are ways to validate youth voice online. Participants in this workshop explore all those details and many more. Its based on Adam’s article of the same name.

Workshop 4: Advanced Youth Engagement

Through insights, activities and resources in this workshop, you can facilitate activities that engage youth as never before. Expanding on Adam’s book The Practice of Youth Engagement, this workshop is action- and outcome-focused.

Workshop 5: Facing Adultism

Participants learn to identify adultism, determine its effects in a given setting and on youth in general, and explore different ways to mitigate, embrace, eliminate or lessen those outcomes. Emphasizing intersectionality, this workshop includes Adam’s book Facing Adultism.

Workshop 6: Intro to Meaningful Student Involvement

This workshop teaches participants how to create powerful, purposeful approaches to engaging students as partners in schools. This workshop is based on Adam’s publication, Student Voice Revolution: The Meaningful Student Involvement Handbook.

Workshop 7: Intro to Student Voice

This training develops participants’ understanding what student voice can do in school, including classrooms and school improvement activities. It’s based on Adam’s book, The Guide to Student Voice.

Workshop 8: Advanced Youth Leadership Training

This workshop emphasizes engaging diverse populations through applied leadership for traditional and nontraditional youth leaders. Based on experience, research and practice, lessons in this workshop are about pushing the envelope of current practice.

Workshop 9: Facilitating the SoundOut Student Voice Curriculum

This curriculum includes 29 hands-on lesson plans, a facilitator guide, worksheets and more! Learn the basics, facilitate activities and plan implementation for this pragmatic, powerful program. Based on Adam’s SoundOut Student Voice Curriculum.

Workshop 10: Facilitating the Parent-Youth Engagement Curriculum

This is a train-the-trainer workshop focused on implementing the Freechild Institute curriculum developed with support from a county superior court. Providing practical guidance and useful lesson plans, this workshop includes basic information, tools and more for facilitators. Based on Adam’s Parent-Youth Engagement Curriculum.


All these subjects are ONLINE and can be led as workshops, webinars, and more. For details about bringing Adam to your organization, conference, class or program, including costs, availability and booking, contact him.

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