Look around, blue 
See the ones blue love 
and the ones who love blue, 
Make blue choices accordingly.

Look within red 
See how the ones who love red 
really love red. 
Red loves red how others love red. 
Red, red, red.

Look green, get serious! 
Green hopes that someone will love green, 
forgive green, 
want green. 
But green messed up. Green made mistakes. 
Now green must ask forgiveness and walk away. 
Walk away.

Look for love within yellow instead. 
There, in the crevices and backalleys of yellow soul, 
yellow will find yellow curled up in a ball, 
waiting to be loved by yellow.

Look at the blue 
looking back at blue 
from up in the sky where blue belongs. 
Listen to the lapping waves 
calling blue back to her. 
Escape blue 
and become blue, 
and in one day, in one hour, in one moment, 
blue is blue.

Published by Adam

Adam F. C. Fletcher helps organizations engage people more successfully. Contact him by calling (360) 489-9680 or emailing info@adamfletcher.net.

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