Dream Big, Do Big

This is the second of my live blogs from Miami working with the Human Services Coalition (HSC) aka Catalyst Miami. Yesterday was a whirlwind day, filled with meetings and introductions, and simply reveling in the joy and strength of this movement for democracy building we’re in.

My day was led by a lot of cool people, folks doing the legwork at HSC who are powerfully energetic and driven. It was heralded, though, by Daniella Levine. Daniella is the whirling dervish ED of HSC, and is a force in this community. In one day I saw her tackle dozens of issues, all the while playing gracious hostess to me and strong leader to her staff. One of her strengths seems to be to dream big and do bigger- through a combination of determination and knowing how to rely on her people to get the job done.

This is the challenge of all my work: how, when and why do I rely on “reality”, or my perception thereof, to guide us? Too many times I’ve thought small when I could’ve been thinking large; other times I’ve lived macro when I should’ve been living micro!

I must’ve heard Daniella spin a dozen ideas yesterday, and watched her (apparently) single-handedly birth a few of them into reality. But it’s those “right people” around her that made all the difference. One idea that is happening is for a spectacular new program centered on youth engagement as a pillar of HSC. Just like that, they’re taking the organizational plunge into this work, powerfully, fully, and meaningfully. I look forward to watching this unfold with great effect!

Today is my workshop, so off I go. More later…

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