black sky night
no moon
on a desert mesa
gravel road
and a fat javelina
raced beside me
for a moment

Through sounds of
spinning rocks
hitting plastic
I heard the lines
as if
for the first time
“If I don’t get some shelter Lord, I’m gonna fade away”

Into evening
onto highway
stirring dust and bones
drying sage
desert rot
into a stew, a cauldron
I thought of despair
and loss
when they sang together,
“It’s just a kiss away”

On I drove
surrendering to the enveloping cloak
of New Mexico darkness
On I listened
as if
for the first time
On up the road
Gimme Shelter on NM Hwy 180

Published by Adam

For almost two decades, Adam F. C. Fletcher has led international outreach focused on engaging people successfully. Working with thousands of youth-serving nonprofits, K-12 schools, government agencies, international NGOs and other organizations around the world, his work spans the fields of education, public health, economic development and social services, and includes professional development, public speaking, publishing, social media and more. He founded the Freechild Institute for Youth Engagement, SoundOut and CommonAction, as well as writing more than 50 publications and 500 articles. He has also established 150-plus community empowerment projects.

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