standing here
the cliff’s edge is not as long as my feet
I don’t have long feet
after these thousand miles
I won’t turn around
and I will not go down

your rope, your hand
your calls, your pleas
they were just in vein
they were never for me

I climbed and struggled
abandoned and pled
I wandered and roamed
never did what they said

I sacrificed it all
you give and you give
they hit
I stood tall

fending them off
I walked to this place
its too cold and too real
but too far
to turn back
and for all that you care
I might fade to black

but there’s no going down
no going away
if I should die
don’t you ever dare say
that you were here with me
through thick or thin
because blood runs deep
and thick is my skin

winds blow from the seas
and my laughter echoes
so shoot me down
cut me one more time
and you’ll see my face
glower down from the skies
confidence is enough
because I know what is right
nothing will defeat
nothing can take my sight

an ocean spreads before me
light glimmers from the water
never have I wondered
about my daughter or my brother
but you were never near me
you weren’t here to see
that the thing I sought most in the world
is what could never be

Published by Adam

For almost two decades, Adam F. C. Fletcher has led international outreach focused on engaging people successfully. Working with thousands of youth-serving nonprofits, K-12 schools, government agencies, international NGOs and other organizations around the world, his work spans the fields of education, public health, economic development and social services, and includes professional development, public speaking, publishing, social media and more. He founded the Freechild Institute for Youth Engagement, SoundOut and CommonAction, as well as writing more than 50 publications and 500 articles. He has also established 150-plus community empowerment projects.

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