If They Swallow This…

“If they swallow this… ‘Empowermints’ – The tasty treat with a catchy name but no real content! Give them to your workers in place of raises, benefits, and respect.”
Let’s think about the implications of “youth empowerment”, that tired cliche we try to avoid by using phrases like “youth involvement”, “youth voice”, “youth engagement” and “youth activism”. Individually this phrasing may serve its purpose, depending on the level of understanding each practitioner has when they use it. However, as a body politik does the usage of these phrases mean anything more than youth empowerment? Particularly to young people themselves and unknowledgable adults? Or is there a better language out there? We must keep examining these assumptions.
RIP Northland Poster Collective, my favorite source for radically democratic marketing items for the last 10 years. Ricardo has taught me a lot, and their art inspires me. I encourage you to support their final days, and applaud Northland for being what its been. Thank you!
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