Whales, children, lepers, the lost, the found, the holy, the sinners and the sacred, the plain, me.

destruction, terror, illiteracy, illegitimacy, complaining, dirty water, dirty hands, me.

Were concern a currency you’d be rich
Mildly preoccupied with the well-being of others
You are merely a plain clothes missionary
Doing right by others in order to do right by your own
Conscience, uncommitted yet wholly engaged in
This, your righteous avenue to personal
Fulfillment, salvation, enlightenment

Traveling around the world in the name of good things
Changing your heart and mind in an authentic and real way

Suffering Love Laughing At Myself is the first poetry book of Adam Fletcher Sasse and is available at

Published by Adam

Adam F. C. Fletcher helps organizations engage people more successfully. Contact him by calling (360) 489-9680 or emailing

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