Adam Fletcher’s book, The Practice of Youth Engagementis his most comprehensive work yet, covering theory, activities, reflections, critical thinking and more about the practice and research related to youth today.

In ten chapters, Adam examines 10 practices that integral to youth engagement: 1. Learn The Basics Of Youth Engagement; 2. Name The Reasons For Youth Engagement; 3. Plan For Youth Engagement; 4. Build Youth Engagement; 5. Take Action For Youth Engagement; 6. Assess, Reflect And Celebrate Youth Engagement; 7. See How Youth Engagement Stops; 8. Think Critically About Youth Engagement; 9. Sustain Youth Engagement, and; 10. Engage Adults In Youth Engagement.

He also shares a number of additional tools focused on youth engagement, including the Youth Engagement Assessment Tool; A Short History Of Youth Engagement In The United States; a comprehensive glossary; A Short Introduction to Youth Engagement; and the Youth Engagement Workshop Guide.

There’s a complete bibliography with more than 300 citations of works around the world, as well as the writing that has influenced him most over the years.

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An internationally-recognized consultant and speaker focused on student voice​,​ author​ Adam Fletcher has worked with schools, education agencies, and other organizations across the United States and Canada. ​He is the author the SoundOut Student Voice Curriculum, Student Voice Revolution: The Meaningful Student Involvement Handbook and The Guide to Student Voice. His writing has also been published in education journals and magazines around the world.

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