My Transit of Carole

Where does one go
who has no one
to mourn with?
A poem.

I grieve for you alone

This is my Transit of Carole:

gold timbers
of an apartment
that squawking dog
you, there

The gray datsun z
you were a rad lady
so 1980s
in your ancient south Omaha walkup

I don’t really remember much more
warm laughter
Maternal but not from day one
you were not a regular person

but now you’re gone
like all of us you ____.
we saw it coming
but didn’t

Goodbye Grandma Carole
I grieve for you
but as family does

1,500 miles away
though connected by love lines
my loved ones
we all miss you

Goodnight, and safe travels.
And thus ends my Transit of Carole.

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