The SoundOut Student Voice Curriculum is a major departure from my past efforts to promote Meaningful Student Involvement. For almost a decade I’ve worked exclusively in situational attempts to train students and provide professional development opportunities for educators, whilst daydreaming of the possibilities of infiltrating the school system. That is to say, I have contracted extensively with districts and state/provincial education agencies… but none has gone so deep as this new curriculum.

Starting today I’m making the curriculum widely available for purchase and usage. A variety of schools have used it in the past, including Colfax High School, Friday Harbor High School, Langley Middle School, Secondary Academy for Success, Wishkah Valley High School, Douay Matyrs School, Capitol High School, and Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School. Organizations ranging from the Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction to the New York State Secondary Student Support Office to the Human Services Coalition of Miami/Dade County have used it. However, I haven’t made it widely available until now.
Today marks the official launch of this exciting curriculum. Join me by sharing the news! And learn more at 
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