Ontario Students’ Visions for School

Another spectacular example of Meaningful Student Involvement comes from Ontario’s spectacular SpeakOUT program. Part of the program, the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Student Advisory Council, shared this graphic today to show their ideas about the future of education.

Taken from the graphic above! See the image to understand how these phrases relate to each other!

Students Imagine the Future of Ontario’s Education System
Future! Our place, our vision, Ontario education

Safe Space

  • Happy people learn better!
  • Teachers should be open to talk to!
  • Remove biases
  • More humor – Ha ha ha!
  • Safe to ask questions!
  • Why would I want to learn from someone who doesn’t want to learn from me?


  • More help for everyone online!
  • More games – “Gamify learning” – More games instead of textbooks
  • All school documents and resources online
  • Teach music… sports… props…
  • A place to LISTEN to music!

Individualized Learning
  • Every student should have an IEP
  • Teach a student how to teach themselves!
  • Should be allowed to fast forward academically in high school!

Tailored Learning
  • Promote curiousity
  • Less homework
  • More time in class
  • Street smart!
  • Community building
  • Teach students to become active citizens

Nurture Creativity!
  • Deep mentors
  • Discovery based learning
  • More one on one
  • “What do you think?”

Practical Application
  • “How does this apply?” “Ah, I get it!”
  • Why?
  • Tell students why they’re learning something!
  • Re-evaluate curriculum – should focus on life skills
  • Out of classroom learning

Learn about the spectacular work going on in Ontario from the Minister’s Student Advisory Council webpage. Thanks for sharing this on SpeakOut’s facebook page, Jean!
Written by Adam Fletcher, this article was originally posted to http://commonaction.blogspot.com. Learn more at adamfletcher.net!

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