Seattle Student Equity Project

I have contracted with Seattle Public Schools several times to consult district programs focused on student voice, equity and race relations, and service learning. My activities have included project planning, program design and delivery, evaluation, writing, training, technical assistance, speaking, and professional development services.

In a variety of positions, I have been involved with the district’s Service Learning Seattle program since 2001. I have been an advisor and spoke at several of the annual symposia hosted by the program.

From 2010 through 2013, I have served as a consultant for Service Learning Seattle’s Youth Engagement Zone. In this capacity, I have provided program design, facilitation, evaluation, strategic planning, and freelance writing services. My activities have included:

  • Advising the district service learning program affecting app. 40,000 K-12 students.
  • Co-creating and facilitating a ten-hour symposium for 350 attendees
  • Conceptualizing, planning, and co-facilitating a multi-year professional learning community providing 50 hours of professional development for 45 nonprofit workers focused on youth engagement.
  • Designing and managing an 80-hour summer learning program focused using student-driven technology education as part of a Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) curriculum with four staff members serving 20 high school students.

In the 2006-07 and 2007-08 school years I developed, launched, and directed the Seattle Student Equity Project as a partnership of SoundOut and the Seattle Public Schools Office of Equity and Race Relations. I worked with eight high schools in Seattle to create, develop, and support Student Equity Teams focused on Meaningful Student Involvement and race relations in high schools across the city.

The Seattle Student Equity Project focused on three themes:

  • Equity and Race Relations Bringing communities together through open dialogue and honest reflection around what is meant by racism and the impact is has on our society and more specifically, students.
  • Student Voice Engaging the perspectives and actions of young people in educational activities that partner students with adults to improve schools.
  • Service Learning Combining powerful opportunities to help others with substantial classroom learning goals.

Every Student Equity Team was invited to participate in a program that includes four components:

  • Ongoing Training for students and adults focused on each project theme in order to increase the capacity through knowledge-sharing and skill-building;
  • Student-Led Evaluations of student perspectives about equity and race relations in Seattle Public Schools;
  • Service Learning Projects that are designed, implemented, and evaluated by students in response to student-led evaluations, and;
  • Cross-School Collaborations through monthly meetings and training that encourage students to share experiences and brainstorm responses.
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