Adam Fletcher's Engaging People

Adam F.C. Fletcher has created a series of programs that address a variety of issues, including youth engagement, community engagement, student engagement and personal engagement, as well as the history of North Omaha, Nebraska.

Freechild Institute

My youth engagement venture focuses on Youth Action, Youth Voice, Service Learning, Authentic Youth Engagement, and more. I also lead Youth Engagement Learning Communities. Learn more from the Freechild Institute website »


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Promoting student voice and student engagement through Meaningful Student Involvement, I teach a framework that fits with School Improvement, Whole Child, Child-Friendly Schools, Coordinated School Health, and Advanced Student Leadership. I am passionate about transforming education. Learn more from the SoundOut website »

Personal Engagement and YOU

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Be the change you want to see in the world! I teach people to find meaning and value in our personal lives before we connect with the world outside ourselves. Learn more from the Personal Engagement webpage »


My community engagement work connects people to the places they live, work, and play every day, and the people they share those places. CommonAction Publishing is also the imprint for the books and curriculum I’ve written. Learn more from the CommonAction website »

To learn more about any of these ventures, contact me today or call (360) 489-9680.

North Omaha History

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North Omaha is a community in Nebraska, and this website is meant to highlight the history of where I grew up. It features the people, places and events that make this area of Omaha great today. I have researched and written 500 articles, 75 podcasts and five books on the history of the community, all available through the site. Learn more from the North Omaha History website »

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