Recommendations for Adam F.C. Fletcher

Following are recommendations for Adam Fletcher, including testimonials for his writing, speeches, training and facilitating.

“Adam Fletcher’s work is especially relevant in getting young people to participate in the realms of politics and critical education.”

—Henry Giroux, Global Television Network Chair in English and Cultural Studies at McMaster University; Author of 40+ books. (

“I had the most fun and learned the most from Adam. I am going to work hard to make the world a better place now.”—Student attendee at the Seattle Service Learning Symposium.

“Adam is one of the most knowledgable people in the world regarding student voice and youth rights… I highly recommend him as a presenter and a writer in our field.”—Dana Mitra, Associate Professor, Penn State University; Author, “Student Voice in School Reform”.

“You’re funny! I liked the drawings and the EARTH best!”—Elementary student, Spanaway Elementary School, Washington, leadership workshop.

“I would rate this workshop as EXCELLENT, as it was my favorite workshop of the day. Adam was engaging, challenging, and knowledgeable. I got TONS of great ideas and resources from Adam and other workshop participants.”—Conference attendee, National School Boards Association Conference

“Adam was great! His energy was good, his experience is wonderful, and there were good proportions of lecture & discussion.”—Conference attendee, Education Alberta Student Engagement Conference

“Thank goodness –  Adam speaks about what it should be about! Engaging, about the learners. Great workshop – have him do a keynote!”—Indiana education conference attendee

“Adam’s speech was very useful for our program. He made me think deeply about my school’s possibilities, and what I can do to make a difference.”—New York State high school counselor

“Adam is a fast driver into the next millennium.”—Harris Wofford, former US Senator and CEO of the Corporation for National Service.

“We engaged Adam to provide guidance for a new, large-scale youth initiative. After informing our design of the program, he delivered a compelling keynote address for a conference attended by seven hundred elected officials from rural communities across North Carolina. He also authored a publication on how to start a youth program in a rural community and served as the lead trainer for a workshop based on that publication. His talents are many—He is an original thinker; delivers strong content based on good science; is a highly capable writer; adapted the program to complex situations statewide; and is both a talented speaker and educator/trainer. His enthusiasm is out the roof, and he is liked equally well by both youth and adults.”—Elaine Matthews, former Senior Vice President, North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center.

“Adam is the rare facilitator who knows where he’s going and how to get participants to go there with him. He uses a mixture of activities, small group, large group and individual work to ensure that all participants have an opportunity to engage in a way that is most useful for them. I always bring a notepad when we work together because I am sure I will take home some new way of connecting with a group or moving it forward.”—Teddy Wright, City of Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Program.

“Adam led a very useful discussion about how to engage youth in an adult-driven world.”—San Diego youth worker.

“Adam is a great facilitator and leader of youth and adults! Easy to work with, focused on a clear message and adaptable in every situation. It was a pleasure to work with Adam. He is committed to youth development and knows how to navigate change while remaining edgy enough to appeal to young people. Adam will do excellent work for your next event or any long-term development work.”—Helena Stephens, City of Bellevue, Washington Family, Youth and Teens Services Manager.

“Adam is one of the most gifted, principled visionaries who empowers people of all ages and backgrounds to pursue authentic youth engagement in all sectors of society.”—Wendy Lesko, Author “Youth: The 26% Solution”; Executive Director, Youth Activism Project.

“I was fortunate to meet Adam through his Youth Engagement Practitioners Cadre… Aside from being a dynamic facilitator and a incredibly knowledgeable youth engagement guru, Adam was a tough thinker. He pushed the group to challenge assumptions, highlight growth and think deeply and reflectively about ourselves and our culture. I am grateful for the experience and look forward to working with Adam often in the future!”—Sarah Ratermann Beahan, Seattle youth worker

“Adam is a true champion of youth voice and youth rights. He’s one of the coolest and most dedicated people I’ve met in the world of youth development. Adam’s writings and programs on youth engagement and development are part of my arsenal of best practices for young people. Adam is the man! Highly recommended.”—Al Duncan, Trainer, Publisher, and Youth Advocate.

“Thank you for the excitement and enthusiasm you bring. Not only did you give us food for thought, but demonstrated excellent leadership and presentation skills.”—Washington State youth development worker

“Adam truly cares about people; nowhere is this more evident than in his passion for creating inclusive communities with a space for everyone. His passion for youth engagement is contagious and I appreciate his ability to challenge us be our better selves so that we can live in better communities that support and honor us all.”—Reyhan Reid, Program Coordinator, American Institutes for Research

“One thing to know about Adam, in case you’re thinking about inviting him to speak or consult with your program: his enthusiasm is contagious. Extremely so… If you want to help kickstart a giant culture change in your youth program or school, Adam is your guy. If you just want to check the box for your annual training requirement, Adam is also your guy; you just might be in for more than you bargained for. And if you need absolutely anything else, well, Adam is your guy, too, because he is, quite simply, the go-to guy; there’s not much more that needs to be said.”—Daniel Bigler, Lecturer, Eastern Washington University

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