Sleeping with your shadow

I had a love divine
One that nurtured my faith 
I had to pray that it worked
An evening walk
Sweat offered as a pennance
Headphone cords my rosary
And The Decembrists, my choir
Were you afraid
glimpsing into the future
that was better than your past?
Lay it down, let it rest
And we can sleep tonight
Me and a ghost, a willing suffering
Where you slept with your own ghosts
Were you dancing 
shimmering christmas lights
that for an evening let you run away?
Resigned, I understand that time is do e
Routine exorcisms performed
Fears allayed, and now I can say, “I’m okay.”

Published by Adam

For almost two decades, Adam F. C. Fletcher has led international outreach focused on engaging people successfully. Working with thousands of youth-serving nonprofits, K-12 schools, government agencies, international NGOs and other organizations around the world, his work spans the fields of education, public health, economic development and social services, and includes professional development, public speaking, publishing, social media and more. He founded the Freechild Institute for Youth Engagement, SoundOut and CommonAction, as well as writing more than 50 publications and 500 articles. He has also established 150-plus community empowerment projects.

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