SoundOut Student Voice Curriculum: Teaching Students to Change Schools

Cover of SoundOut Student Voice Curriculum by Adam Fletcher

Cover of SoundOut Student Voice Curriculum by Adam FletcherOrder your copy of the SoundOut Student Voice Curriculum today from!

About the Curriculum

Imagine a school…

  • Where students are equal partners in school reform efforts
  • Where students and adults work together to improve learning, teaching, and leadership throughout education
  • Where student voice is seen as a key to successful transformation

THIS is the SoundOut Student Voice Curriculum! SoundOut provides a unique, engaging, and powerful curriculum JUST FOR YOUR class!

Details of the Curriculum

This book comes with five individual parts:

  1. SoundOut Teacher’s Guide
  2. SoundOut Student Voice Modules
  3. SoundOut Planning Guide
  4. SoundOut Assessments
  5. Student Handouts

About the Teacher’s Guide

The SoundOut Teacher’s Guide explains the parts, procedures, and process of facilitating the SoundOut Student Voice Curriculum. It explores different implementation strategies, the methodologies used, and much more.

About the SoundOut Student Voice Modules

Comprised of eight modules, each with three 50-minute lesson plans, the curriculum is focused on engaging students as partners in improving schools. Each lesson plan is designed to engage diverse high school students with highly interactive critical thinking, communication, and project-based learning activities.

The Modules include:

  • Learning about Learning
  • Learning about Education
  • Learning about School Change
  • Students as Researchers
  • Students as Planners
  • Students as Teachers
  • Students as Evaluators
  • Students as Decision-Makers
  • Students as Advocates

Each module teaches students about the process of learning, the education system, and school reform, centering the role of student voice in all of those activities.

This curriculum is designed for students in grades 8-12. It can be used in a variety of settings, including Leadership classes, Service-learning requirements, School improvement teams, Student governments, Advisory periods, Social science courses, and Self-directed learning programs.

Written by Adam Fletcher, the curriculum is research-driven, student-tested, and school improvement-focused. Educational packages, including professional development for adults and training for students, are available.

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