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Adam Fletcher has been keynoting at conferences, school assemblies and public events for more than a decade. Focused on teaching people how to engage youth and adults in positive, powerful ways, he combines expert knowledge and humor to bring audiences to their feet to create change in the world today!

Adam’s Speeches Include…

  • “Every Youth In Every Community” — Can you imagine positive, purposeful and powerful futures for every youth in every community, all the time? Based on his career in youth work and education, nationally recognized expert Adam Fletcher will share his popular Cycle of Engagement and expand on how and why youth matter more today than ever before. He’ll also reveal how youth engagement is changing the very nature of our society today through stories, jokes, research and real life experience. Discover exciting possibilities to build the future together with young people, right now! 
  • “Its Just What We Do” — A powerhouse speech focused on growing up in a low-income minority neighborhood, Adam combines personal experience with his professional expertise to inspire action. This speech brings audiences to their feet by inspiring change.
  • “The Student Voice Revolution”— As a thought leader in the student voice movement for more than 15 years, Adam has advocated internationally for student empowerment, motivation and engagement. This speech introduces what that movement looks like, and can gives audiences an understanding of how to take action.
  • “Moving Into Your Heartspace”—Yearning for connection in the middle of engaging others, Adam found empowerment and possibilities through personal engagement. This speech highlights his journey to Heartspace, and has brought audiences to tears, hope and joy.

Sample Speeches

Here’s a keynote I shared at a youth rally in Vancouver, Washington called “Ownership Is Just What We Do.”

This speech was shared with nonprofit leaders from across the United States, and was called “Creating Meaningful Engagement With Youth.”

Past Events

Some of the events Adam has keynoted at include Alberta Ministry of Education Student Engagement Conference; American Institutes of Research Youth Involvement in Systems of Care Seminar; Arizona Coordinated School Health Conference; CDC/DASH Funded-Partners Annual Meeting; Children’s Defense Fund Conference; Cross City Campaign for Urban School Reform Conference; Environmental Citizenship Institute; Grantmaker’s Forum on Community and National Service Conference; Grantmaker’s Forum on Education Conference; Harvard University Graduate School of Education Conference; Imagine Miami: Meaningful Youth Engagement Summit; National Network for Youth Annual Conference; National PTA Legislative Conference Youth Leadership and Policy Institute; New York State Student Support Services Center Conference; North Carolina Rural Economic Development Forum; Northeast Action for Healthy Kids Regional Conference; Partnerships for Healthy Youth Conference; Pennsylvania Youth and Family Leadership Institute; Projeto Juventude Seminario Internacional; Santa Barbara Service-Learning Summer Institute; Vermont Principals Association Youth and Adults Transforming Schools Together Retreat; United Way of Allegheny County Afterschool Conference.

About Adam Fletcher

  • About Adam Fletcher – Including Adam’s resume, past clients, awards and honors, and more
  • Videos – Examples of Adam’s speeches, interviews, and more.
  • References – Adult and youth testimonials from Adam’s clients and collaborators.
  • Teaching – Adam provides training, workshops, classes, and more!
  • Writing – Adam freelance writes articles, booklets, and more for organizations nationally .
  • Consulting – Program planning, organizational development, and evaluation services are among Adam’s specialty areas.

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