Command and Control Schools

Today, I toured a middle school in the region where I live. Listening to an adult school leader explaining the school to me, I heard several the cues that routinely concern me: “Our students don’t have problems” “We don’t allow students to have social time” “There is routine homework in every class, every day, all yearContinue reading “Command and Control Schools”

Join Me in Marin!

Join me today in San Raphael, California for a series of presentations! This morning I’m talking with more than 300 middle school students focused on my talk, GET ENGAGED WITH PURPOSE, PASSION AND POWER! Then this afternoon I’m talking with community members, including parents, nonprofit workers and others, focused on The Big Ideas in Youth Engagement. Continue reading “Join Me in Marin!”

New Training Opportunities

Has your nonprofit received a grant to engage youth? Does your local conference need a keynote speaker? Do the staff in your agency need professional development? Contact me today to talk about what The Freechild Project can do for you!