Denying Student Voice

Since I began researching roles for students throughout education and society more than a decade ago, I’ve found a plethora of student voice haters. These folks are most frequently adults who are longtimers in education before they are “brave” enough to speak out against students. Their basic belief is always the same: Students don’t knowContinue reading “Denying Student Voice”

Why No Student Voice?

Going over my Guide to Students on School Boards this weekend, I found an interesting fact: Almost all of the states of the states that have outlawed students on school boards allow corporal punishment in schools. The 14 states that have laws that don’t allow students to serve on district boards of education Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi,Continue reading “Why No Student Voice?”

Why Student Voice Doesn’t Work

Many educators assume student voice is expressed when students make choices. That is correct, although its not the only way. Instead, consider that voice is apparent throughout the entirety of the students’ being, rather than just the choices educators assign them to make. When a student slouches in class, they’re expressing student voice. When they’reContinue reading “Why Student Voice Doesn’t Work”