Youth Engagement On Purpose

When youth engagement happens, does it happen on purpose, with intention and by design, or is it simply an organic, authentic personal experience that can’t be forced by outside sources? Youth-serving programs, projects and organizations constantly wrestle with how youth engagement happens. Through my years as a line-level youth worker, evaluator and consultant, I’ve found that theContinue reading “Youth Engagement On Purpose”

New Training Opportunities

Has your nonprofit received a grant to engage youth? Does your local conference need a keynote speaker? Do the staff in your agency need professional development? Contact me today to talk about what The Freechild Project can do for you!

A Federal Office of Students and Youth?!?

By the late 1960s in the United States, there was a lot of concern about the rising amount of student uprisings, student-led education organizing, and student demands for meaningful involvement throughout the education system. Responses happened across the U.S., even Washington D.C. President Richard Nixon’s administration launched, for the fist time ever, a program toContinue reading “A Federal Office of Students and Youth?!?”