Command and Control Schools

Today, I toured a middle school in the region where I live. Listening to an adult school leader explaining the school to me, I heard several the cues that routinely concern me: “Our students don’t have problems” “We don’t allow students to have social time” “There is routine homework in every class, every day, all yearContinue reading “Command and Control Schools”

Continuing to Learn from Meaningful Student Involvement

Since 2002, working through SoundOut, I have worked with more than 10,000 K-12 students and educators in schools across the United States and Canada. Over the last year, I have been a bit consumed by writing the Meaningful Student Involvement Handbook. Its my complete compendium of what I have learned about engaging students as partners throughout theContinue reading “Continuing to Learn from Meaningful Student Involvement”

Don’t Let Students Be Misunderstood

All educators are well-meaning in their intentions for students. Nobody wants students to fail, no matter how poorly they are paid, how discriminatory they may be, or how brief/long they’ve worked in schools, there is no teacher, administrator, support staff or other adult in schools who overtly wants students to fail. Adults in schools genuinely want students to getContinue reading “Don’t Let Students Be Misunderstood”