A Renewed SoundOut Program

Challenging Student Voice Recently I was discussing the latest developments happening in the mainstream education conversation today. Student voice is bubbling up more and more frequently across the radar, with folks ranging from curriculum writers to test makers talking about it. Of course, educators continue to share their thoughts on social media, along with studentsContinue reading “A Renewed SoundOut Program”

Questions to Evaluate Student Voice

Following are reflection questions focused on student voice and Meaningful Student Involvement. Find resources to challenge these barriers at SoundOut.org.   Questions to Evaluate Student Voice   Are barriers to student voice and Meaningful Student Involvement being addressed? What steps are taken to ensure that student voice is meaningful? Do students understand the intentions of the process,Continue reading “Questions to Evaluate Student Voice”

Student Voice Is Not The Same As Student Engagement

With more and more people increasingly jumping on the bandwagons of student voice and student engagement, it is becoming increasingly important to define, refine and understand what it is that we’re talking about. It is equally important to critically examine the assumptions informing a lot of this conversation and action, as well as the implications,Continue reading “Student Voice Is Not The Same As Student Engagement”