Join Me in Marin!

Join me today in San Raphael, California for a series of presentations! This morning I’m talking with more than 300 middle school students focused on my talk, GET ENGAGED WITH PURPOSE, PASSION AND POWER! Then this afternoon I’m talking with community members, including parents, nonprofit workers and others, focused on The Big Ideas in Youth Engagement. Continue reading “Join Me in Marin!”

The Power of Youth Engagement

  Beyond the research, statistics and reports, there’s a simple truth about youth engagement: When young people experience sustained connections to the worlds within and around them, their lives become better, and the lives of those around them improve, too.   For a long time, I forgot to say that. Instead, I focused on theContinue reading “The Power of Youth Engagement”

Change Takes Time

Life isn’t about immediacy! Sometimes I get anxious or excited, and I want my way to be the way. I get disappointed when I set myself up that way. I’m learning not to be in the immediate gratification crowd that believes you can actualize your dreams almost the instant you form them. When I was younger andContinue reading “Change Takes Time”