Continuing to Learn from Meaningful Student Involvement

Since 2002, working through SoundOut, I have worked with more than 10,000 K-12 students and educators in schools across the United States and Canada. Over the last year, I have been a bit consumed by writing the Meaningful Student Involvement Handbook. Its my complete compendium of what I have learned about engaging students as partners throughout theContinue reading “Continuing to Learn from Meaningful Student Involvement”

Are You REALLY Committed to #StudentVoice?

Are you really committed to engaging student voice? If you’re an educator, administrator, policymaker or adult ally to student voice anywhere throughout the education system, you need to check yourself. We all do. When working with students as an ally, its important to keep the focus on them instead of shifting it from them to us as adults. We should not,Continue reading “Are You REALLY Committed to #StudentVoice?”