Talk To Your Teen About Youth Engagement

With one election cycle over and another unfortunately beginning early, young people are taking in more heinous news, views and ideas about their engagement than ever before. Pundits, critics and “advocates” are sharing a rash of stories and research from dubious places like never before via professional newsletters and emails. F amilies need to findContinue reading “Talk To Your Teen About Youth Engagement”

Youth Engagement Can Save The World!

Children and youth worldwide are making powerful, positive transformation happen right now. At this exact moment, young people are transforming communities, shifting education, moving social services, challenging governments, and building economies in so many ways, so many places, and for so many reasons it can be hard to summarize them. Because of all these purposes, passions, processes and outcomes, its not hyperbole to declare Youth Engagement Can Save The World!

Away from Radical Youth Work?

Radical youth work moves from simply implanting skills, knowledge or ideas in young people towards engaging them as full human beings who co-construct the world we share. This youth work is radical because it departs from seeing youth as empty vessels to be filled by all-knowing adults. Instead, it engages them in active c0-learning, co-examination,Continue reading “Away from Radical Youth Work?”