Thanks to the IDEC crowd

This is a quick note to say thanks to all the great folks who I met with at the International Democratic Education Conference going on this week in Vancouver, British Columbia. This was by far the most influential, well-timed and restoring conference I have ever participated in, and its largely due to the people who I allowed me to share so much time with them.

Specifically, thanks to Barry, Cass, Stacey, Melia, Yaacov, Carrie, Moe, Issac, Kirsten, Bob, and Rajeev. John, I look forward to talking with you again soon – you have a lot to teach me. I particularly want to acknowledge Jonah, whose powerful program and resonant dialog allowed me to find kin inside this strange community. I am really blown away by his work, and I’m glad he took my blows. Michelle and Elizabeth, thanks for playing with me – it was nice to see the city, have good convo, and just hang around with y’all. There were so many others, too, and all of you matter.

Finally, thank you Dana. When we talked in the city you opened the door for me and allowed me to walk into this area where I’ve always wanted to go. My experience at Evergreen gave me a lens; my deliberation gave me knowledge; and you gave me opportunity. Thanks man – let’s do something great.

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