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  1. You may want to include Brian Zimmerman, who was elected mayor of Crabb, Texas in a straw poll at age 11. Because the community was unincorporated, Zimmerman’s main focus was getting the town incorporated (even though that meant he would lose his office). Brian was featured on a lot of talk shows in the 1980’s, but died suddenly of a heart attack at age 24 in 1996.

  2. You might want to update your list-Cassandra Coleman
    Exeter, PA
    Population 5,955
    Sworn in 10-7-08 youngest female Mayor in the Nation,edging out Jenny Barger by a mere 4 months to be named with this honor.
    She was elected to Mayor after her grandfather Mayor Joseph F Coyne III died after battling brain cancer. Her grandfather was Mayor for 11 years and served on Council for 17 years. She is running unopposed on May 19, 2009. She is also a Legislative Asst. since 2006, a pre law junior at Kings College.

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