I love facilitating interactive, hands-on, solutions-oriented seminars that help the adults who work with youth and support youth themselves. I offer seminars for young people, staff-in-training, organizations, professional youth workers, K-12 teachers, education administrators, counselors, and others. I can facilitate them as stand-alone events, as part of conferences and retreats, at community events, or through national organizations.


My seminars are at least six hours long, and can last up to a week.

In my seminars, I include an overview the topics, provides real-world examples, and answers questions throughout from participants. In these events, my research-driven, experience-based content is all original and cannot be found from other providers. Throughout the course of my seminars, I strive to share wisdom in entertaining ways, and engages participants through hands-on, interactive, deep activities throughout the seminars. Most seminars finish with action planning and individual sessions with me that provide additional insight.

You can learn more about the content of each individual seminar by reading seminar descriptions below.

Engaging People for Social Change—This seminar is a must for any organizations that wants to lead others in changing the world. You will learn how a wide range of issues can be addressed through action, and how engaging others in your work is essential. You will explore practical examples in youth engagement, parent engagement, engaging low-income communities, engaging people in governance, and more. Examining types of actions they need to be engaged, you’ll also identify what you can provide. You will also learn the difference between attendance and engagement, and why engagement is better for everyone. Learn how to make your organization work, and how to stand out in lives that are crowded with issues and short on opportunities.

The Evolution of Engagement: Successful Community Programs—Learn how to evolve your program to engage everyone. Adam is a seasoned consultant who has worked with hundreds of organizations to answer this question. Gain a fundamental understanding of how engaging people works, how to gain participants investment and ownership, and how to build your organization’s ability to sustain real, practical engagement of all stakeholders.

Effective Communication For Diverse Communities—Learn how to make communication work throughout your work. Adam teaches about in-person and online methods for effective communication that engaging programs use. Best practices for organizations, social media, person-to-person outreach, websites, natural locations for community building, and the best use of staff time are all explored in-depth.

Learning Communities for Professional Growth—This seminar brings together diverse K-12 teachers, youth workers, young people, or others who carry with them organizational and personal needs, as well as their interests, passions, expertise and questions. Participants commit to improving organizational and community learning, and learn about systems change and continuous improvement in order to deepen their areas of expertise and package their learning. Focusing on practice, they use all this to improve the lives of people who work in and for communities.

Students as Partners in School Change—Meaningful Student Involvement is the deepening of student voice. Educators and school leaders can truly transform education by engaging students as partners. This seminar explores the frameworks, examines best practices, and engages participants in creating substantial implementation plans. It is a must if you are:

  • Expecting to personalize classroom approaches
  • Interested in engaging students in school improvement activities
  • Wanting to learn how to infuse student voice throughout learning
  • Needing more information on how to move forward with student/adult partnerships


Adam Fletcher’s Additional Seminar topics include…

  • Youth Voice 101
  • Transforming Practice Through Holistic Youth Development
  • Train-The-Trainer: Youth Engagement
  • Train-The-Trainer: SoundOut Student Voice Program
  • Strong Foundation for Successful Youth Organizations
  • Successful Strategic Plans for Youth Coalitions


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