A Tribute to Z

Zzzzz – I hear it when I sleep

Zzzzz – I hear it when you preach
There are so many words that start with z
Why is it that they all sound weird to me?
Zebra and zarth
Zeno and Zebulon
I didn’t know I could possibly go on so long!
Ziti and zest
Zither and zit
I’m beginning to think that Z is pretty hip!
Zepplin and zygote
Zoophile and Zoe
She’s not even Greek – unless I didn’t know.
Zoo’s are fun
Getting zonked can be great
Zien is a protein and Zen Buddhism can wait
Zax, zipper, zircon and Zealous
Go Z!
Why don’t you just tell us that this zipping Zimbabwean zephyr of a poem is really just a message to the one who will roam!

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