Listen to the words
Sounds of traffic and the smell of rain
Listen to the rhythm
Vacuum cleaner humming and chirping birds
Listen to the saxophone reed
Rain splashing
Listen to the telephone

Look at blades rotating
Colors, shapes, sensations
Look at the people, circulation
Breathing, seeing, hearing
Look to the maps, charts

Dreaming, waking, sleeping
Appearing, disappearing
The being, this not being
Omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotence
Vast, ever-changing, and ever-present boundlessness
This time, exist
Or not
Next time is this time
everything at once



Suffering Love Laughing At Myself is the first poetry book of Adam Fletcher Sasse and is available at

Published by Adam

Adam F. C. Fletcher helps organizations engage people more successfully. Contact him by calling (360) 489-9680 or emailing

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