Unraveling Racism

Unravel Racism Adam F.C. Fletcher

Unraveling Racism

Adam F.C. Fletcher trains, speaks, and consults with individuals, organizations and communities to intentionally address issues many white people are uncomfortable acknowledging, including white supremacy, white privilege, white fragility, and racism. We’re uncomfortable addressing these issues because we all benefit from them, we all uphold them, and we all need to confront them in our own lives and beyond.

Whether you’re with a nonprofit organization, government agency, K-12 school, or other space that is led by white people for people of color, I can help you begin unraveling racism.

Whether conducted as training workshops, speeches, or other activities, conversations Adam facilitates can engage white people in consciously and consistently identifying racism, addressing and taking action through personal commitments to address white privilege, challenge racism, combat white supremacy, and more.

These are hard conversations meant to unravel the individual attitudes, shared cultures, and structural systems that uphold, enforce, and demand white supremacy in order to exist.

Adam’s goals for offering Unraveling Racism include:

  1. Deepening white peoples’ awareness of white supremacy throughout society, including schools, communities, and government; and seeing the role they, as white people, play in perpetuating white supremacy.
  2. Equipping white people with tools and support to identify and respond to racist actions, words, and policies throughout their lives.
  3. Growing white peoples’ capacity to support, lift up, and act in solidarity with people of color in their communities.

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