Video: Re-envisioning the Roles of Youth

This video blog entry is an introduction to re-envisioning the roles of young people throughout society. In this post I explore how, where, why and when these roles need to change, as well providing a comprehensive vision for the change that’s coming…

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  1. hello,

    good day mar. adam fletcher. i watched your video blog a bout the role of youth in the society. i would like to say that i agree with you on your points.

    i have read in your blog that you are working with youth organizations. i am a 16 year old student from the philippines and i hope you can help me with my library research paper. 🙂

    since you are involve in youth orgs i would like to ask you how traditional politics affect them? what values do you see they acquire from traditional politics and how does trapo affect their political leanings?

    this is my email sir,

    thank you so much. 🙂

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