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Adam offers highly engaging, hands-on and practical distance learning workshops for people of all ages. Adam’s online participants include youth, youth workers, nonprofit directors, government staff, elected officials, parents, counselors, education leaders and others. Adam facilitates ONLINE for your program, organization, community or event with workshops, training, classes and more. For details including costs and availability, contact us.

Adam Fletcher in Seattle, Washington

Workshop Topics

Following are details about Adam Fletcher’s workshops. Each can be customized to meet your requirements, including outcomes, description and characteristics of each workshops. Adam is a master distance learning facilitator, and can customize any of these workshops for your program, organization, community or event!

Modern Youth Leadership

There’s an unnamed movement rising across the country and around the world, and we are almost wholly unprepared for it. Young people everywhere are demanding new norms, seeking new opportunities and preparing us for a new way of being that has never been seen before. This is Modern Youth Leadership. Adults don’t know where to go, how to behave or what to do. In this workshop we identify what the current landscape is and how our programs and organizations can responsibly, effectively respond to it.

Youth Voice for Youth Engagement

The pandemic forced young people around the world into their homes full-time, yanking away the essential out-of-school spaces where so much positive youth development happens. Participants in this workshop learn how to re-engage young people where they are now. This workshop is for youth workers, after school professionals, parents and other caring adults who want to listen to young people and engage them in positive, powerful possibilities everyday!

Intro to Meaningful Student Involvement

This workshop is a brief exposure to the purpose, practice, and outcomes of our dynamic approach to school improvement. This workshop engages participants in placing meaningfulness at the middle of school, allowing them to see beyond the academic achievement paradigm in order to become more successful. Participants explore frameworks, discuss research and identify examples to increase their capacity for action. They also learn how to design opportunities specifically for their roles, and how to engage in student/adult partnerships that can transform education.

Intro to Student Engagement

Focused on making every school engaging for every student, this workshop explores classrooms, hallways, principals’ offices and beyond. Participants examine different practical, purposeful ways to infuse student voice throughout K-12 schools, districts and beyond. Focused on learning and culture, this workshop can inspire and engage everyone. This workshop invites participants to explore methods to discuss this topic beyond failure and towards practical action.

The Basics of Adultism

Focused on applied learning, this workshop teaches youth, youth workers, educators and others about the reality of adultism today. Participants learn to identify adultism, determine its effects in a given setting and on youth in general, and explore different ways to mitigate, embrace, eliminate or lessen those outcomes. Emphasizing intersectionality, this workshop also connects adultism with all kinds of oppressions.

Engaging the Disengaged

In this interactive workshop, participants are introduced to a set of tools to help them engage in reflective practice that can create inclusive excellence for historically disengaged learners. Participants experience hands-on exercises, dialogue, and work with The Cycle of Engagement. They are introduced to roadblocks to engagement and are given opportunities in a safe setting to temporarily put aside their own perspectives in order to experience others’ perspectives on student engagement. These new tools allow them to take student engagement to new levels.

Youth Positive Mindsets

Are you a youth program director with workers who think negatively about children and youth? Do you have a classroom full of students who you don’t like? Have you lost your vision for youth development, civic engagement, or other youth work goals? This workshop is designed to help you foster and sustain a positive mindset about youth today.

Intro to Youth Development

Are you new to youth development? Do you have a new youth work job, social service nonprofit, government program or other opportunity to positively change the lives of young people? In this workshop, Adam provides an introduction to youth development that can help set a powerful trajectory for your activity!


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