Youth Voice Consulting

Adam F.C. Fletcher delivers comprehensive, trusted and reliable expertise on student engagement, youth voice, meaningful student involvement, modern youth leadership, and more for K-12 schools, nonprofits and government agencies.

First as a practitioner, then as researcher, Adam F.C. Fletcher has become and internationally recognized advocate for Youth Voice. Youth Voice is any expression of any young person about anything, anywhere at anytime for any reason. Supporting organizations with the most current theory and practice, Adam facilitates organizational transformation and community empowerment that engages young people and supports adults being effective in their efforts.

Adam’s work focuses on many aspects of Youth Voice, including…

  • Positive Youth Development
  • Meaningful Student Involvement
  • Modern Youth Leadership
  • Youth-Led Social Change
  • Juvenile Justice Reform
  • Student Voice in Learning & Leadership
  • Engaging Disengaged Youth
  • Systems of Care Transformation 
  • Public Policy Making & Governance


Organizational Development

  • Movement Building and Advocacy
  • Program Assessment and Improvement
  • Focus Groups & Evaluation

Design Thinking & Program Creation

  • Freelance Writing
  • Curriculum and Program Offerings
  • Research and Evaluation Services

Learning and Support

  • Adult Professional Development
  • Youth Training and Learning
  • Professional Coaching

Public Outreach

  • Online and In-Person Outreach
  • Public Speaking
  • Community Events


“We engaged Adam to provide guidance for a new, large-scale youth initiative. After informing our design of the program, he delivered a compelling keynote address for a conference attended by seven hundred elected officials from rural communities across North Carolina. He also authored a publication on how to start a youth program in a rural community and served as the lead trainer for a workshop based on that publication. His talents are many—He is an original thinker; delivers strong content based on good science; is a highly capable writer; adapted the program to complex situations statewide; and is both a talented speaker and educator/trainer. His enthusiasm is out the roof, and he is liked equally well by both youth and adults.”

—Elaine Matthews, Senior Vice President, North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center

“Adam is a great facilitator and leader of youth and adults! Easy to work with, focused on a clear message and adaptable in every situation. It was a pleasure to work with Adam. He is committed to youth development and knows how to navigate change while remaining edgy enough to appeal to young people. Adam will do excellent work for your next event or any long-term development work.”

—Helena Stephens, City of Bellevue, Washington Family, Youth and Teens Services Manager

Let’s build something great together.

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