YouthActionNet features Freechild

This from, a program of the International Youth Foundation:

The future of any democracy depends on the ability of young people to express their views and take action on issues that matter. What are the core principles that drive authentic youth engagement? How does one measure social change led by and for young people? Find out more in the Youth Voice Toolkit produced by The Freechild Project. Founded in 2001, Freechild advocates, informs, and celebrates social change led by and with young people around the globe. “Youth voice is about considering the perspectives and ideas of young people, respecting what everyone has to say, taking risks, listening, sharing, and working together,” writes Freechild Project Coordinator and toolkit author Adam Fletcher. The YouthVoice Toolkit includes guidelines for engaging youth, building positive relationships with adults, and assessing the extent to which youth voices are honored and supported within a given community.

To learn more, visit: See also, The Freechild Project’s Guide to Social Change led by and for Young People

Its nice to see the mainstream orgs buy into the Freechild message.

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