Adam Fletcher speaks with youth workers in Seattle.

Adam Fletcher grew up in challenging circumstances.

He was a youth worker for a decade.

He worked in state government for several years.

His graduate studies were in education; my bachelors in youth studies and creative nonfiction writing.

Adam wants to work with you to improve your program, practice, activities and outcomes. 


Adam Fletcher at the 2011 Alberta SpeakOut Conference in Edmonton

“Adam Fletcher’s work is especially relevant in getting young people to participate in the realms of politics and critical education.”—Henry Giroux

“We engaged Adam on two occasions to provide guidance for a new, large-scale youth initiative. The first time, he delivered a compelling keynote address for a conference attended by seven hundred elected officials from rural communities across North Carolina. The second time, he authored a publication on how to start a youth program in a rural community and served as the lead trainer for a workshop based on that publication. His talents are many—He is an original thinker; delivers strong content based on good science; is a highly capable writer; can adapt to any situation; and is both a talented speaker and educator/trainer. His enthusiasm is out the roof, and he is liked equally well by both youth and adults.”—Elaine Matthews, former Senior Vice President, North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center.

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Adam Fletcher’s Books

The Practice of Youth Engagement by Adam Fletcher

Facing Adultism by Adam Fletcher cover

The Guide to Student Voice by Adam Fletcher

SoundOut Student Voice Curriculum by Adam Fletcher

School Boards of the Future by Adam Fletcher cover

The Freechild Project Guide to Youth-Driven Programming

Adam Fletcher facilitates training and professional development, provides motivational speeches, and is an expert writer.