“We CAN, SHOULD and MUST engage everyone, everywhere, all of the time. The future of our children, our communities and the entire world depends on it, and nothing less.”

Adam Fletcher speaking by Michael Kleven 1

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With courage and humor, Adam Fletcher invites young people and adults to change the world together as partners. He speaks about the journey of personal engagement, school transformation and social change in an unassuming and practical way, sharing new thinking and a powerful vision of the future.

“Another world is possible in our lifetimes. We become engaged by connecting to the world within and around us, and everyone is capable of it, no matter what…”

 An internationally-recognized expert on engaging people, Adam Fletcher has been a speaker, writer and consultant for almost two decades.

Adam’s expertise includes…

Community Engagement: Adam works with nonprofits, government agencies and other organizations to engage community members, taxpayers, youth, adults and others in educational, cultural, social and many kinds activities.

Personal Engagement: Through experience, research and action, Adam helps caring, loving people connect with the world inside them and around them. Through personal engagement, the world changes. Adam’s workshops and speeches can build YOUR ability to “be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Student Engagement: Providing dynamic consulting, practical professional development and exciting keynote speaking, Adam has worked with 100s of K-12 schools, districts, state and provincial education agencies and education-focused nonprofits on student voice, student engagement, student leadership and Meaningful Student Involvement.

“Adam Fletcher’s work is especially relevant in getting young people to participate in the realms of politics and critical education.”—Henry Giroux

“You did such an amazing job and so flexible too!  Thanks for leading the teens in a way that made it fun and a great experience for everyone!  You did a great job!”—Helena Stephens