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Engage young people more effectively.

Foster Meaningful Student Involvement throughout education.

Launch and sustain successful events, programs, projects, and initiatives.

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Adam Fletcher speaking in Alberta, Canada.

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My name is Adam Fletcher and I want to empower you to get engaged and learn how to engage other people, too! I’m widely recognized as an expert in youth engagement, student voice, and community empowerment.

My Facts:

  • 1,000,000 youth and adults served since 1997
  • 500+ past clients, including 200 K-12 schools [Past clients]
  • 50 publications created for clients and projects [Publications]
  • 50 youth and community projects launched for clients and collaborators [Projects]
  • 35 states with clients, along with three provinces
  • 10 years as a consultant, speaker, facilitator, and writer [Resume]
  • 10 years as a youth worker and community educator in local, state and national nonprofits
  • 6 countries with clients: Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Ireland
  • 5 years experience in state level public health administration
  • 5 years experience in state level education administration
  • 3 major brands launched: The Freechild Project, SoundOut and CommonAction [Brands]



Adam’s Big Ideas:

  1. Personal Engagement
  2. Meaningful Student Involvement
  3. Community Power
  4. Youth Integration

Join Adam in a conversation about all this and more!

“Adam Fletcher’s work is especially relevant in getting young people to participate in the realms of politics and critical education.”—Henry Giroux

“We engaged Adam on two occasions to provide guidance for a new, large-scale youth initiative. The first time, he delivered a compelling keynote address for a conference attended by seven hundred elected officials from rural communities across North Carolina. The second time, he authored a publication on how to start a youth program in a rural community and served as the lead trainer for a workshop based on that publication. His talents are many—He is an original thinker; delivers strong content based on good science; is a highly capable writer; can adapt to any situation; and is both a talented speaker and educator/trainer. His enthusiasm is out the roof, and he is liked equally well by both youth and adults.”—Elaine Matthews, former Senior Vice President, North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center.