Adam F.C. Fletcher Consults Organizations

Adam F.C. Fletcher works with organizations!

For more than 20 years, Adam has worked with K-12 schools, nonprofit organizations and government agencies across the United States and around the world as a subject matter expert on human engagement, education transformation, and social change, Adam’s consulting assists in organizational development, program re-envisioning, policy creation, public awareness and more.

As an organizational consultant, Adam leads…

  • information presentation, including oral, visual and written
  • research, surveys and interviews
  • data analysis
  • organizational evaluation and assessment
  • strategic program design
  • process improvement through planning and design
  • action implementation
  • outcome examination

Organizations rely on Adam to promote big ideas, look at their current programs, design new programs and transform challenges into success.


Adam works with K-12 schools, districts and state education agencies to provide customized professional development and coaching services that improve student engagement, student voice, and student leadership. His work with schools brings student engagement, student voice and Meaningful Student Involvement to the next level.

Nonprofits and Government Agencies

Adam works with nonprofit organizations and government agencies to provide customized consulting services that help employees foster engagement so that organizations achieve better results. Adam will partner with you to foster more engaging roles for everyone in your organization.

Human Engagement

Adam’s Human Engagement consulting services range from individual coaching to organizational development to motivational seminars. Contact him today to find what best fits your personal needs and the needs of your organization and community. Whether you are a small nonprofit, school, large agency or something in between, the information in this training will start you on the journey to achieving better results.

Cost and Availability

Adam’s rates vary according to event type and size. Contact him for more information!

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