Adam F.C. Fletcher’s Programs

Adam F.C. Fletcher has developed several programs for use in various settings, including classrooms, nonprofits, international programs and more. Following are details about each.

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Online Leadership for Youth

OLY, Online Leadership for Youth, by Adam F.C. Fletcher.

In OLY, participants discover the purpose, power and possibilities of being a leader in their own life, their families, communities and the world. OLY features five online sessions that happen in real time. Participants engage in dynamic activities, lively conversations, powerful videos, interactive online features, and meaningful reflection to build their leadership skills.

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Freechild Youth Action Program

Freechild Youth Action Curriculum by Adam Fletcher for The Freechild Institute for Youth Engagement.

Focused on youth changing the world, this program uses a 24-lesson plan program for youth to learn what, how, when and where they can make a difference. Using project-based learning, youth ages 13-19 can build their skills, learn new knowledge and take action through fun, hands-on and powerful learning. This research-driven program is based on 20+ years of experience with many organizations. 

SoundOut Student Voice Program


This school-based program is for middle and high school students who want to change schools. Focused on research, planning, teaching, evaluation, decision-making and advocacy, students explore the potential and possibilities of student voice in school improvement. This is a project-based program with a capstone project focused on student-driven school change. 

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Parent Youth Engagement Program

Parent Youth Engagement Seminars by Adam Fletcher for the Freechild Institute for Youth Engagement

With multiple workshops to select from, youth and parent partners participate in this interactive, cooperation-based program in order to foster youth engagement at home. Participants take away new ideas, tools and activities designed to support youth-parent partnerships, and design family action plans to make a difference in their day-to-day living.

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Youth Engagement Program

Adam Fletcher's Youth Engagement Curriculum

This is an introductory, customized learning opportunity for youth to learn the knowledge, skills and actions needed to advocate for youth voice in various settings throughout community, including nonprofits, government, the economy and home.  

SoundOut School Board Program

SoundOut teaches school board members how to engage students on school boards. Our training focuses on a variety of roles for students, as well as the skills and action school boards need to take to on-board students and sustain their meaningful involvement. This program has been delivered to schools boards in Michigan, Washington, Vermont and Alberta. 

Freechild Institute Program

Freechild Institute Courses, Olympia, Washington

This program is made of professional development sessions for educators, advocates, social workers and others and focus on the skills, knowledge and actions needed to facilitate youth engagement throughout their work. Using generative processes, participants explore their beliefs, experiences, activities and outcomes to critique, strengthen and embolden their youth engagement efforts.  

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