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“Adam is a fast driver into the next millennium.”

Harris Wofford (1926-2019) former US Senator and CEO of the Corporation for National Service

Adam F. C. Fletcher is an internationally recognized expert on youth and community engagement. As a speaker and writer, Adam works with international organizations, national nonprofits, governments of all sizes, and local community groups across North America. Discover what Adam can do for YOU!

For over than 20 years, Adam has shared a positive, practical and powerful message for youth and adults who want to engage youth in any place, anytime, anywhere, in almost any way!

As the founder of the Freechild Institute on Youth Engagement, SoundOut and more than 50 other projects, Adam has spent years researching youth engagement, reflecting on what matters, and sharing his learning. He has written over 50 books and over 100 published articles, and spoke at more than 300 conferences in several countries. Contact Adam today to learn more!