Adam F. C. Fletcher: Speaker on Youth, Social Change, Education and More

This is Adam Fletcher speaking about youth changing the world.

ADAM F.C. FLETCHER is an internationally recognized expert on youth, social change, and education transformation. Adam enlivens and empowers young people and adults everywhere to take action together and make the world a better place! He is a constant advocate and activist whose projects have affected millions of young people and adults in thousands of schools and organizations in dozens of states and several nations. Learn more about him throughout this website.

“Adam Fletcher’s work is especially relevant in getting young people to participate in the realms of politics and critical education.”

—Henry Giroux, the Paulo Freire Distinguished Scholar in Critical Pedagogy at McMaster University

Why Adam?

Adam Fletcher's Projects

As the founder of the Freechild Institute on Youth Engagement, SoundOut and more than 50 other projects, Adam has spent years researching youth engagement, reflecting on what matters, and sharing his learning. He has written over 50 books and over 100 published articles, and spoke at more than 300 conferences in several countries. Contact Adam today to learn more!

Adam Says…

“I want to use my life story to move the masses by helping others learn through my experiences growing up as a homeless kid; becoming a highly engaged but still disconnected youth, and; growing into my life’s work with intention and fortune. By doing this, I teach people⁠—young and older⁠—to learn through their own life stories, too!”

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