From Disengaged to Engaged.

Lived experience, determined humility and excited learning make Adam F.C. Fletcher a unique advocate, researcher, and educator focused on engaging everyone, everywhere, all of the time!

This is Gary Friedman of Big Brothers Big Sisters Kentuckiana giving Adam F.C. Fletcher an endorsement for his work in Louisville in 2023.
New for 2023!
Steps to Youth Leadership in Modern Times

By Adam F.C. Fletcher
230 pages, CommonAction Publishing

The new book from internationally recognized expert Adam F.C. Fletcher explores NINE easy yet powerful steps to transform youth leadership today. In never-before shared writing, this book provides practical tools, meaningful analysis, thoughtful examples and real stories, this book shows how, when, why and where youth leadership matters right now. This is a great book for youth and their advocates, teachers, counselors, parents and others. Available on Amazon.com

Adam Fletcher in Miami in 2011

Voice, Involvement, Engagement, Power


Through a deep, contemplative theory of engagement, Adam F.C. Fletcher works with a variety of organizations to provide a number of services for movement building, organizational development, professional learning, personal growth and social change.




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What others say

Adam Fletcher’s work is especially relevant in getting young people to participate in the realms of politics and critical education.

—Henry Giroux, McMaster University

Adam is one of the most knowledgable people in the world regarding student voice and youth rights… I highly recommend him as a presenter and a writer in our field.

—Dana Mitra, Penn State University

We engaged Adam to provide guidance for a new, large-scale youth initiative. After informing our design of the program, he delivered a compelling keynote address for a conference attended by seven hundred elected officials from rural communities across North Carolina. He also authored a publication on how to start a youth program in a rural community and served as the lead trainer for a workshop based on that publication. His talents are many—He is an original thinker; delivers strong content based on good science; is a highly capable writer; adapted the program to complex situations statewide; and is both a talented speaker and educator/trainer. His enthusiasm is out the roof, and he is liked equally well by both youth and adults.

—Elaine Matthews, Senior Vice President, North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center

Adam is a great facilitator and leader of youth and adults! Easy to work with, focused on a clear message and adaptable in every situation. It was a pleasure to work with Adam. He is committed to youth development and knows how to navigate change while remaining edgy enough to appeal to young people. Adam will do excellent work for your next event or any long-term development work.

—Helena Stephens, City of Bellevue (Washington) Family, Youth and Teens Services Manager

Schools, Communities, Nonprofits, Government

Adam’s Success

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Since he started contracting in 1997, Adam has directly supported more than 1,500 organizations in 5,000 communities across the U.S. and Canada, and around the world.

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If Adam’s projects don’t succeed, then has hasn’t done his job. Adam’s projects have a 100% empowerment guarantee that YOU can feel more purposeful, passionate and powerful after you’re engaged with him!

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The number of books Adam has written guiding, evaluating, analyzing, and uplifting youth engagement in all of its forms.

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Ready for Action?

Is your community, school, agency or nonprofit ready to move youth engagement forward?

Adam will spend time with you to see what your needs are, explore the lives of young people in your organization, and determine how he can help you take action! Get in touch with him and he can help your youth become more engaged!

Adam F. C. Fletcher speaking at the 2018 Teens Care Too Youth Summit in Vancouver, Washington

About Me

Adam F.C. Fletcher is an independent contractor supporting youth engagement throughout society.

He equips youth, professionals, parents and others with the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to engage every youth in every community, everywhere, all of the time.



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