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Adam Fletcher ENGAGE OR DIE! 2016

Adam Fletcher teaches people how to engage youth and adults in powerful, positive ways through expert knowledge, profound humor and deep storytelling.

Adam’s keynote speeches, event facilitation, dynamic workshops and practical writing has helped thousands of people:

  • Youth: Adam helps youth discover how they to change the world right now!
  • Students: Adam teaches students how to transform schools and learning forever!
  • Educators: Adam shares new, inspiring and effective ways to engage students, parents, teachers and communities!
  • Parents: Adam shows powerful family-building approaches at home and throughout communities!
  • Community leaders: Adam guides leaders on moving people from apathy to action!
  • Government officials: Adam highlights ways to make programs and policies meaningful and impactful!
  • Others: Adam open doors to explore how to transform the present and the future!

Catch Adam Fletcher’s 2016 message across the United States today and bring him to your conference or community to hear it directly! Engage Or DIE!


 Adam Fletcher can engage you, his lessons can empower you, and he can change your life FOREVER.


Book Adam Fletcher Now.

“Adam Fletcher’s work is especially relevant in getting young people to participate in the realms of politics and critical education.”—Henry Giroux

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Adam Fletcher has been cited and featured in media around the world including…


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Adam Fletcher facilitates training and professional development, provides motivational speeches, and is a freelance writer.