Adam F.C. Fletcher teaches the adults who work with children and youth that young people are capable of being engaged in more positive, powerful, and purposeful ways than we see right now.

Treating them as disengaged, disconnected, and hopeless is bad for their future and ours. Adam challenges the culture of disengagement by inspiring meaningful engagement for everyone, every where, all of the time. Learn About Adam »

Adam F.C. Fletcher’s Plan to Re-Engage Students

WE CAN transform EVERY school to re-engage EVERY student through Meaningful Student Involvement. To show how, Adam drafted a plan called “A Strategy for Student Re-engagement for States, Districts, and K-12 Schools.”

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Adam F.C. Fletcher’s Programs

These programs are available for K-12 schools and nonprofits to implement in their settings! They include training, curriculum, technical assistance, and evaluation!